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Fic Time!!

Author: Me
Rating: G
Summary: Mickey was going to stay.

Jake saw it coming, even if he didn't know he saw it coming.

Mickey was  going to stay.

This stranger (who was apparently from an alternate universe) who looked exactly like Ricky, was going to stay and try to make a difference. In a world that wasn't even his.

Jake didn't know what to think. He was torn between the loss of his best friend, of this new comer trying (but not really, he knew) to take Ricky's place, and gratitude. Not many people were up for fighting the good fight, since the odds weren't exactly in their favour. Not until now.

Mickey (Not Ricky, which would take some getting used to), was going to leave everything he knew and everyone he loved behind, to stay in a world overrun by Cybermen.

"People don't do that," Jake said aloud unintentionally. Mickey gave him an odd look.


"People don't leave everything behind to fight a war that's not even theirs. So, I wanna know... what's in it for you?" Jake demanded, suddenly angry.

Mickey looked a little bewildered, a little stunned (but Jake was beginning to think that was his usual look to begin with anyhow) and now a little peeved. "What's in it for me? Maybe I'm just tired of always sittin' on the sidelines when I could be out makin' a difference. Maybe I want to keep my Gran safe. Maybe because she's alive here. Or maybe, it's just the right thing to do," Mickey snapped, and Jake could have sworn he saw some of Ricky's fire blazing behind Mickey's eyes.

Still, Jake couldn't leave it alone. "An' what about her?" He asked, speaking of the blond.

Mickey looked a little sad now, a little lost. "What about her?"

Jake rolled his eyes in irritation. He didn't want to play 20 Questions with this not-quite-alien-but-might-as-well-be. "You gonna leave her behind?"

Mickey looked at Jake now, his heart in his eyes. Jake gasped silently. He never knew so many emotions could show on a face. Ricky was never one to be overly emotional. Jake could hardly tell what he was feeling unless Ricky told him (and even then, Jake had to pester him).  Jake had never seen such... naked emotion. He was an ass for pushing the issue, feeling like he had stumbled upon something he shouldn't see. It was too much, too deep, too personal.

"I figure it's her turn," Mickey said in a quiet voice.

Jake didn't know what to say. Mickey was never going to hide things from him. He was too open. Everything was written on his face, in his eyes. "Well, I ain't gonna be your nanny," Jake said, but the words weren't harsh, and his tone was almost teasing.

Mickey grinned, though sadness rimmed his eyes. "Maybe I'll be yours."

Jake had to laugh at that. Yeah... this one would be all right. "If you're lucky," Jake said.

Mickey stuck out his hand, and Jake shook it.

They were partners now. A team of two.

And to Jake, saving the world was better with two.


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